Weddings are memorable moments of joy and happiness between two families as they become one.  A beautiful sight to behold is a fun backgrounds for a virtual wedding.  It is the dream of every couple to make their wedding day talked about for years to come. It’s a story no couple wants to forget, but it takes collective and sufficient time to plan, and that makes Forever & Company a perfect addition to your wedding planning team!

Hosting a virtual wedding is more a necessity than a preference, but due to the adverse effect of COVID-19, a virtual wedding is the safest type of wedding that could help in reducing the risk of contracting the virus. Likewise, it makes sure the social distancing is maintained.

Forever & Company highly approve of this, and we’ll do our best to assist you by offering the best of our services. We’ll give you two great zoom backgrounds for your wedding event.

Whether you are exchanging your wedding vows or parting with friends at a bridal shower, the backgrounds below will be great, making you feel special even if you would have wanted an in-person wedding and not a virtual one.



  • A Fun Engagement Party

Were you one of the couples that got engaged right before we all adopted social distancing regulations? Well then, we know the perfect background for your Zoom wedding! A simple Google search will give you wonderful backgrounds to use, but we’ll point you in the right direction.

There’s a #justsaidyes background that announces your engagement to friends and loved ones. What’s great about this is, people won’t be expecting it.  It’s a simple yet efficient and fun way to announce the great news to people that mean the most to you.

You can easily find it online in a variety of colors, fonts, and designs; so take your pick!


  • A Great Bachelorette Party

Does an online bachelorette party sound a little too good to be true? Believe us when we say we’ve seen many brides do it and have the time of their lives, and we’re sure you’ll have just as much fun too!

All you need is a great playlist, early preparation, and a little bit of creativity.  You know, what you need for an in-person bachelorette party.

So, this is what you’ll need to do. Designate a planner and have them make an itinerary to be passed on to all those you intend to invite for the Zoom call. We recommend about 8 minutes of group chat to iron out the details and then at least half an hour of excellent bachelorette party games.  Such as prosecco pong, questions about the bride, etc.

Last, but not least, drinks you’ll want snacks, and a lovely Zoom background to match. Get a background that has cute pictures of something like a doughnut, flowers, a bottle of champagne. We reiterate that Google is your friend here. You can easily find such backgrounds via a simple search!


Getting your Zoom backgrounds is just the first step. You still need wedding vendors to help you with a eye-catching wedding dress.  The snacks can not be forgotten for the wedding, and even the decoration for the venue. It may be a Zoom wedding, but you still want everything to look beautiful, don’t you? We can make all of this possible for you!

We encourage you to connect online with professional wedding vendors. Forever & Company takes delight in helping you make your wedding dreams come true, and if that means making your virtual wedding as fun as possible with colorful and creative backgrounds and more, we’re more than ready to help!

Click here to contact us, and we’ll show you all we can do for you and how your virtual wedding can be the most real experience you’ll ever have!  And remember, our Spring wedding show is coming up on the 27+28 of March, so it’s very close! It’s most definitely something you won’t want to miss!