Couples are wowing their wedding guests this year. Photo courtesy of AOJO Photography.

2017 has produced a lot of wedding trends that we are really excited about!

Brides are not only going for a “wow factor” this year, but are continuing the 2016 trend of trading in the traditional for a special day that fits their personalities. From location to food and everything in between, couples are opting to express themselves and dazzle their guests this year.

So here’s some of the wedding trends we can expect from weddings in 2017:


Color is back! With the announcement of Pantone’s 2017 color of the year—Greenery— color palettes are being created around this bold and cheery color. Whether it’s paired with bright colors or more neutral tones, the color options this year cover a wide spectrum. Other popular colors for the year include Niagara, Primrose Yellow, Lapis Blue, Flame, Island Blue, Pale Dogwood, Pink Yarrow, Kale and Hazelnut.

Even though it’s a new year and a new color, let’s not forget Rose Gold and Blush Rose. The variations on this color remain popular because of their subtle beauty and ability to be paired with a variety of colors. As metallics gain popularity in 2017, Rose Gold and Blush Rose still blend nicely with these colored metals, as well. Whether you decide to go bold or neutral, all of these color can be combined to create a striking blend.


It’s a two for one. With after-parties gaining momentum, brides not only want a dress for their wedding day, but one for the evening as well. The solution? Wedding dresses with removable skirts. Instead of buying two dresses, brides now have the option of a full, romantic skirt and a sleek silhouette all in one dress. As the ballgown is making a reappearance, a two-in-one dress is perfect for brides who want options.

Bridesmaid dresses aren’t straying far from this trend either. Full length separate-style dresses or skirts paired with crop-tops are popular this year. Not only does this allow for a unique touch, but it also allows brides to mix and match colors and patterns. Metallics and sequins also provide another option for a little extra pizzazz.


Think garden and bigger blooms for this year’s floral touch. Larger and more colorful flowers are popular this year. Pinks and jewel tones are the flower colors to look out for. Additionally, brides want to create a visual statement with their bouquets, so we will be seeing arrangements that are more full, cascading, and/or are comprised of full blooms and more greenery.

And there’s that word again: greenery.

Not only is it the color for the year, it is also the popular trend when it comes to florals. Greenery is making its way into bouquets, and it’s also being used in garlands as wedding decor. Potted plants and small trees are also being used as decorations and part of grand entrance decor.

Decorations/Statement Pieces

Hanging centerpieces remain popular this year, and tall centerpieces are making a comeback. Whether they’re floral-based, or of another variety, decorations are one way couples are trying to delight their family and friends. Couples are also trying to dazzle their guests with grand entrance decor, with digital mapping even becoming a popular trend. Another facet of this trend is the tendency to use eye-catching or light based aerial decorations to create a whimsical, romantic look.


In addition to traditional items, couples are choosing to offer more personalized, fun food items and appetizers. Some even opt to have food trucks. All of these are intended to reflect the couple’s tastes, or offer guests a signature, celebratory menu item. Making sure guests have options and are supplied with food throughout the entirety of the evening is popular for 2017. Similarly, this trend also extends to wedding drinks, with the serving of signature cocktails.


Wedding cakes are ranging from traditional to informal and unique this year. While the tall wedding cake regains popularity, as is the white wedding cake, couples are deciding to put their own twist on it. Metallics, painting and florals are a few of the options couple are going with. For others, the translucent or naked cake is still desired. These cakes have a light layer of frosting or none at all.

In addition to cakes, an array of sweet treats are available for guests to choose something other than cake. Dessert bars are also great for themes and to provide friends and family more than one dessert to choose from.

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