2020 Returns to a Classic Blue

Four bridesmaid standing together in a classic blue gown, holding their boquets



In the wedding industry, one of the biggest things newly engaged couples look forward to is the announcement of the Pantone Color of the Year.  Pantone Color Institute selects a color symbolizing and representing the new year to come based on predicted world trends. Pantone’s selection inspires many couples during the wedding planning process.  Classic Blue has been selected for its representation of elegance and simplicity.  Classic Blue is a color that has withstood the test of time! Known for its ability to bring a sense of peace and tranquility to the human spirit, encourage connections, confidence, and foster resilience and refuge.  Highlighting the human need and desire for a stable and dependable foundation crossing into a new era, and in the wedding world, a new marriage! 

We have compiled a list of ways to incorporate the color of the year into your big day:


      1. The Bride – The tradition of Something old, new, borrowed and blue will be in full swing this year, options for incorporating Classic Blue into your bridal party are endless.  Strike a pose in a pair of strappy blue high heels or have an accent belt in Classic Blue. While pampering yourself before your big day go for a mani/pedi with the color of the year.  Almost equally important, don’t forget to the matching accessories – blue sapphire earrings or pendant and a pretty little blue garter. 



Bride holding strappy blue heels


Blue gemstone ring on a bed of flowers

Classic blue nails with bride wearing her wedding ring

Bride wearing a blue garter on her thigh

  1. What about the rest of the bridal party? While the bride is the highlight of the evening, don’t forget to match the rest of your bridal party! Undeniably, this is one of the most common and classic way to seamlessly incorporate Classic Blue on your wedding day.  

Bridesmaid in blue dresses with the bride in the middle with her white gown - everyone is holding their flower bouquet

Bride with two boys wearing blue suspenders

Basket and the ring bearer pillow designed with blue ribbons

  1. Desserts – Without a doubt one of the favorite parts of a wedding celebration! The color Classic Blue can be incorporated into the frosting in so many different ways.  If classic is more your style having a white icing cake with blue accents.  If classic is not your style, no worries! Invert your cake design where Classic Blue is the primary color decorated with white piping. 

Four tiered royal blue cake stenciled with designs

Three tiered cake with dark blue roses and iced with white and blue design

Five tiered cake with diagonal flowers and icing

Want to make and even bigger statement? Surprise your guests with colored cake layers.   Or add fruit such a blueberries in between cake layers for an added layer of flavor. Both the inside and the outside of your cake can highlight the return of Classic Blue.

Cake slice with white frosting and blueberries

Cake slice with layers of shades of blue

Cake not your favorite but you still want to have color scheme desserts?  Try blue macaroons, blueberry ice cream or even a blueberry cobbler.

Assortment of blue macarons tower

Three different blueberry pies stacked

Assortment of blueberry shortcakes on a decorative stand

  1. Flowers – From the boutonnières, flowers adorning the aisles of the ceremony, accenting the wedding cake, and elegant centerpieces at the reception – in a wedding flowers are everywhere.  There are tons of ways to coordinate the Pantone Color of the Year throughout your big day. 

          In case NC pride is your thing, check out – NC Blue Flowers 


Bride and groom holding each other and bride is holding an assortment of blue and white flower bouquet

Boutonniere of white and blue flowers on suitBlue themed center pieces filled with candles, flowers in a clear piece

  1. A Lasting Impression – The party is over and your guests are leaving, finish your party strong with Classic Blue inspired favors.  Similarly to flowers flowers, the possibilities are endless. Get creative! Deck out a Sweets Table with all your favorite candies, candles, boxes wrapped in a blue ribbon, personalized koozies or blue airplane bottles of the newly weds favorite liquor just to name a few.  Or, if you are wanting something a little different, try homemade blueberry jam made with local berries.  This will be a hit with all of your out of town guests! Not planning on doing party favors?  No problem! For your big exit of the night consider something out of the ordinary.  For example, have handheld confetti cannons full of classic blue confetti or neon sparklers that glow blue when lit and neon glow sticks for the kids.  A great wow factor at the end of the night you and your guests are sure to remember!

White gift boxes with blue ribbons for guests

Blue kwoozies in a bowl with couple name and date on it

Dark blue mini bottles as party favors for guests

  1. Table Settings – Consider having complete Classic Blue table clothes or a blue table runner as an accent on the table, in addition to napkins and name placement cards can also match the color of the year. 

Table set with blue incorporated through the napkins, table numbers etc

A full table set showcasing blue glasses, plates etc.

Blue themed table set with blue and white invitation on white plates

  1. High Tea and hors d’oeuvres – Rather than doing a traditional cocktail hour, consider stepping back into the past using blue and white china with a history dating back to the 14th century.  This is a great way to tie in the current 2020 trends with historic Classic Blue styles.  The design selection can also be used for your cake decoration for added fluidity in your wedding. 

Desserts and teas on decorative sets

Blue and white tea cup set



  1. Signature Drinks – Have a little bit of fun! Select a mixed drink that is blue!  Classic drinks include Blue Lagoons, Blue Long Island Ice Teas, or a Blue Margarita. In addition, don’t forget about your guests that are underage, do not consume alcohol or are unable to consume alcohol – have a virgin blue lagoon option or a blue Hawaiian Punch!


Blue martini drink

Assortment of blue drinks in different glasses


  1. Invitations & Calligraphy – When your guests receive your wedding invitations in the mail, the invitation sets the tone for the entire evening.  If you are incorporating blue and white china designs at your wedding, design your invitations to match with elegant classic blue calligraphy giving your guests a preview of what’s to come.  Or try using a classic blue envelope with white stationery and blue calligraphy. If you want to try something a little different, go for a Classic Blue wedding wax seal. Ways to uses a wedding wax seal are endless.  Common examples include branding your invitations or adding a seal your invitations before mailing them out.

Set of blue calligraphy wedding cards and invitations with floral design

  1. Uplighting – This a simple yet effective technique that completely changes the dynamic of any room. Let your 2020 wedding embrace the return of Classic Blue with gorgeous uplifting around the room.

Blue lighting venue space

Mix of blue colors in lighting in venue

Last, but not least, thinking Outside the Box:

11. With the Help of Nature and Timing: Blue Hour – A phrase coined by the French, which represents the fading colors of the sky as it transitions into dusk to twilight.  During this hour, allow Mother Nature to work in your favor.  Time your photo session with the Blue Hour for stunning backdrop photographs.

Photo of couple outside in the blue hour

  1. North Carolina Blue Ridge Parkway –  Even though the mountains of NC are not technically Classic Blue, we couldn’t resist throwing in the option of a local destination wedding.  Capturing the breathtaking scenery that our magnificent state has to offer. With hundreds of overlooks, valleys, and wedding destinations you are bound to find the perfect spot with a million-dollar view.

Photo of couple at North Carolina Blue Ridge Parkway surrounded by the blue sky and mountains

Photo of couple at North Carolina Blue Ridge Parkway looking at the sky and blue mountainsPhoto of couple at North Carolina Blue Ridge Parkway - walkway with sunset and blue mountains

In conclusion, we have to give a round of applause to Pantone Color Industry for this year’s selection of Classic Blue.  The choices and possibilities are endless which might make you feel little overwhelmed.  But without a doubt, the most important thing is to stay true to yourself.  Find ways to incorporate the Pantone Color of the Year, Classic Blue, that speak to who you and your significant other are as a couple. Have fun with it! You already have the most important part of the wedding figured out – the love of your life waiting at the end of the aisle to say “I Do.”