There are various vendors you’ll need to secure for a fabulous wedding. That is a simple fact. The fun part about wedding vendors is that many of them will handle aspects you didn’t think would require vendors.

For instance, there are stories about vendors who clean guests’ jewelry pieces at weddings; who would have thought?

Everyone wants their wedding to stand out and with the right vendors, you can achieve this too!  You should know the vendors you’ll need for your wedding and we’re here to show a few below!



  • A Wedding Planner

Many couples ignore the importance of having a wedding planner. It is true that the cost of hiring a wedding planner can be pricey; however, it is worth it!

Factors like sticking to your budget, helping you cut costs, and get discounts from vendors they’ve worked with in the past will come in handy.

A professional wedding planner knows everything that has to do with weddings and handles them appropriately and timely.



  • A Venue

Of course, a venue is of top-tier importance for any wedding. The chosen location will affect every other aspect of your special day.

It is extremely important to make reservations for a venue as early as 12 months.  Most venues get booked  very early.  Especially if the preferred date falls in a wedding season, such as spring or summer.  Picking a date and location are one of the first things all couples should take care of first!



  • A Wedding Dress

Lastly, can there be a wedding without a wedding dress? Your answer is the same as ours. So, It’s best to start looking for a suitable wedding gown as early as 11 months.  Especially if it’s custom made. Please note, it takes at least 4 to 6 months to not only make the dress, but a few extra months to alter it as well.


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