Attending weddings are always so much fun. Love is in the air, there are friends and family, and full of romantic moments. Plus, there’s cake – so that’s always a great reason to go to a wedding, right? Most weddings happen during the warmer season, typically from June to September.

Although, don’t be surprised if you’re invited to a fall or winter wedding too, as they are growing in popularity (for a million reasons). So, if you’re in such a situation, what do you wear to a fall wedding? What are some of the main trends to consider? Since it just became fall and the leaves are beginning to change, we thought we would share these 4 Exciting Fall Wedding Trends to Follow.

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  • Go Vintage with the 80s

Not all 80’s fashion trends are back on the runways, but some are – and truthfully, we couldn’t be more excited. For this trend, we’re talking about skirts inspired by the ’80s.

Miniskirts, Asymmetrical Skirts, Midi Skirts – they’re all back in style, and they are bound to make quite the statement for those of you who want to bring just a small retro touch to your outfits. There are honestly so many options to choose from!


  • Yellows Are Amazing

As the main color of the season, it makes all the sense in the world for this particular color to be popular, right? If you want to wear a yellow outfit, you will have quite a few options to choose from – from the most affordable ones to the luxurious ones, from the short ones to the long ones. This is such a happy color and beautiful trend, you just can’t ignore!


  • Velvet from the ’90s

If the ’80s are back, why wouldn’t a small bit of the ’90s be back too? Velvet is one of the sexiest and most intriguing fabrics out there – and there are many ways to incorporate it with style in wedding attire.

velvet Dress


  • Floral Patterns Are Beautiful Too

That’s right, floral patterns aren’t just for spring and summer. They are darker in the cool season, but they are still fashionable – and they look AMAZING. Pick any amazing floral dress and you will make quite the impression at any wedding!



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