Flowers are essential to the décor at weddings. There’s hardly ever a wedding without any sort of floral designs and arrangements. Sometimes choosing floral designs gets more complicated than actually knowing the different flowers, which is why you need a florist! There are some factors to consider before making a decision.  We’re glad to share a few here!

Greene house designs floral arrangement white and green

Greene House Designs 

  • Your Theme

Try to consider the theme you’ve chosen before making any floral design plans. For instance, for a romantic-themed marriage, you should be looking in the direction of white roses, white dahlias, peonies, peach roses, etc., flowers with soft colors.

And for a whimsical-themed wedding, you can choose white or blue hydrangeas.  Or if you’re wanting a rustic theme you can use ferns and eucalyptus.  Lastly, white anemone works best for a vintage theme.

There needs to be some research in order to find out which flowers will correctly match the wedding’s theme.


  • Manage your Budget

Map out a reasonable budget for your wedding florist to work with. Not having an amount set aside for your floral designs can leave your florist a bit perplexed.

And it can leave you with flowers that are most likely unnecessary. You could possibly end up with either higher or lower quality or quantity of flowers.


  • Consider The Season

If your wedding date falls into the spring or summer seasons, where flowers are bountiful, you will need to work with your florist to know which flowers are in season. That, in turn, will help you save on a few things, such as cost.  Especially if you’re not particular about the type of flowers to use at your wedding.


  • Centerpieces

Are you using flowers as centerpieces?  If you are, you may want to get the precise amount you’ll need and the cost estimate. Bridesmaids’ bouquets can always be used as centerpieces to save cost.


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