Choosing from your wedding menu is often more than picking a list of your favorite meals and beverages and handing them over to your wedding caterer.

When it comes to selecting the menu, there are important factors you’d need to consider. For example, you must be aware of allergies and if any vegans will be attending, etc.

Selecting a menu for your wedding can also be challenging and time-consuming. We say this because you’ll have to sit through decisions with your caterer and figure out what meals and beverages to serve at different points at your wedding!

Well, we’re here to help you with that. Below are essential tips to consider when selecting your wedding menu.

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  • Know Your Budget

As with everything that concerns planning a wedding, your budget is of prime importance here too. Ascertain what you have is enough to cover every aspect of your wedding, including the wedding menu.

We say this because food prices can hike and disrupt your plans or the money you allocated for the amount of food you wish to serve. Whether the cost of food hikes or not, be sure to stick to your budget.


  • Consider Your Guests

Your guests are the most important factor to affect your choice of wedding menu. But the number of guests has a role to play in choosing your menu too. The simple reason is that the bigger the number, the more the amount of food.

If you select the food that would appeal to most guests, especially when you have a large number, it will save you money.


  • Dietary Restrictions

Have your caterer make reservations for your guests who have dietary restrictions or allergic to some foods or ingredients. Be mindful of this because it’s very important.


  • Your Wedding Reception

Your wedding reception can be challenging to pull off but fun at the same time. The food here can range from the hors d’œuvres to desserts and drinks, and consulting a wedding caterer is the first step to tackling it.


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