Virtual wedding receptions have recently become insanely popular as they are one of the most effective ways to ensure social distancing for you and wedding guests’ safety.

In order to host a virtual event, you will need fast internet; however, that is not the only thing you’ll need.  For example, have you considered hiring a baker, florist, or a wedding planner?  We came up with some tips on how you can make your special day fun and unique, virtually!

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  • Send Out Wedding Care Packages or Favors to Your Guests Before Your Wedding Day

For your virtual event to go smoothly, make sure your wedding guests have all the necessary items needed to fully participate with you.  These items may include wedding care packages and wedding favors.

  • Select the Perfect Wedding Playlists For You And Your Partner

Whether it’s a traditional or virtual event, the music you choose is essential!  Select songs that both you and your partner love, and have the DJ play them.  For the cocktail hour, try selecting some upbeat music and for your first dance as partners, choose a meaningful song for you both.  You can also consult with a wedding DJ for suggestions of songs to play.

  • Decide on A Suitable Background Décor

No matter where you are holding your virtual reception, you need the perfect background décor.  You can rent some beautiful linen backdrops, flowers, a wedding arch, etc., for decoration to set the tone.  Or you can opt for a DIY décor with household materials like pictures, flower pots, paintings, etc., for your background décor.

  • Include Cake and Drinks To Your Program

If you don’t want to miss out on any formal wedding traditions, try hiring a baker to provide the perfect cake to enjoy.  For instance, ensure that you send cupcakes of the same cake flavor to your wedding guests a day or two beforehand. You can even suggest signature cocktails to make at home.  For example, if you are serving champagne, you can send out mini champagne bottles to your guests.  This would help make them feel apart of your special day.

  • Get Professional Wedding Vendors to Organize Your Wedding Party

To have the perfect virtual wedding reception, you will need to hire experienced wedding professionals.  Employ vendors that you believe will help make your experience fun, memorable, and stress-free.

You can connect with experienced Wedding Professionals at our spectacular Wedding Shows.  Our next one is on March 27+28, 2021.  They are eager to help you plan and execute your unique virtual wedding reception.