Congrats on your engagement! We are so excited for you, and we know you’re more than ready to start planning. Go right ahead! Did you know that you’ll find all the expert vendors you’ll need for your wedding when you visit any of our wedding shows in the Triangle Area?  We unfortunately can’t hold our exhibits at this time; however, we have something in the works that will be the next best thing, so be on the lookout.

When it comes to your wedding, you’ll a range of paper products.  It typically best to order them from the same business, at the same time. To help with that here’s a list of all the essential paper products that you’ll require for your wedding.

CE Rentals Table Top Display

CE Rentals


  • Your Invitations

They are the primary paper products when it comes to your wedding stationery and could be made up of several pieces. You have the invitation itself, a reception card (If the reception venue is different from your ceremony venue), a response card that is self-addressed and printed maps, plus other information on things like hotels, etc. This is the housed in an unsealed inner envelop and put in an outer envelope.

  • Your Wedding Programs

Wedding programs are normally in the form of a small booklet and include the date, the names of the bridal party, the order of the event, the title of readings, songs, and more. You could go with the traditional booklet option or do something modern like using a program shaped like a fan.

  • Your Menu Cards

Menu Cards are usually single cards that contain the meal elements along with the wine and beverage options, that will all be served at the wedding. It is often a single card and should be ordered at least six weeks before your wedding date.

  • Your Place Cards

Place cards are small printed cards with each guest’s names and is placed at the top of every setting. They tell the guests where to sit and should be ordered at least four weeks before the wedding.

  • Thank-You Cards

Thank-You cards are handwritten notes from you and your significant other.  They’re used to thank your guests for attending your ceremony and also for their gifts. You should order them with your invitation cards and send them out no later than one month after your honeymoon.

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