Couples who just got engaged during the COVID-19 pandemic can relate on how overwhelming, confusing, and exhausting it is to plan from home.  This doesn’t mean you should keep postponing the wedding; after all, love is not canceled!  Luckily, you can still accomplish quite a lot while planning your wedding from the comfort of your home. Here are some important stress-free tips to note, before you begin your wedding planning process virtually.


  • Set Your Budget

Setting your budget is one of the most important steps to take. First and foremost, discuss your plans with your partner.  Attempt to figure out how much you intend to spend throughout the entire process.

The decisions made about the budget will help guide you through the rest of your planning. For example; what venue to choose, the number of vendors to be hired, or buying wedding favors.


  • Pick a date

You can’t have a wedding without a date, right? Picking a wedding date is not just about selecting any date that comes to mind. No, there’s a lot of factors to be consider before choosing a wedding date.  Such as, double check to be sure that your wedding venue will be available.  Go ahead and confirm your preferred wedding vendors who hopefully won’t be booked yet.  W hen setting a wedding date, make sure there is enough time to plan your wedding efficiently.


  • Research Wedding Vendors

Since you can’t blindly hire the wedding vendors to handle your special day’s activities, now’s the right time to start planning your vendor selections.

Before securing the services of any wedding vendors, you must do proper research about the vendors. Check for vendors who are trustworthy and capable of handling your type of wedding.


  • Organize Virtual Meetings and Interviews with Vendors

After researching Wedding Professionals near you, you’ll probably find several you are interested in. The next step then will be to organize virtual meetings and interviews with the potential vendors.

During these interviews, don’t forget to ask important questions about their services and policies. As for your wedding venue, feel free to take virtual tours around your potential wedding venues.


  • Create a Day-of Timeline

You probably have your entire wedding day planned out in your head already. Now is the time to get it all written down.

Work with your wedding planner (if you are hiring one), to draft your wedding day timeline. After drafting the day-of timeline, your wedding planner can then create a comprehensive schedule.

Sometimes researching vendors can prove to be tough and confusing. However; our aim at Forever and Company, is to have the best and local wedding professionals available to you at our Wedding Shows. Come meet them at our next wedding show, this March 27+28 and August 7+8!

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