One of the most trending styles of engagement parties this year is the virtual engagement party. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most couples are finding ways to ensure physical distancing at their celebration. Virtual engagement parties are also suitable for couples who are very far from their friends and loved ones.

If you plan to throw a virtual engagement party, follow these simple tips to have a special, memorable celebration.


  • Invite a Limited Number of Guests

When planning a virtual engagement party, you should take note of the number of guests you intend to invite. While inviting all your friends and loved ones to your virtual engagement party may sound like a great idea, an overcrowded virtual meeting is not.

Imagine all your guests trying to talk at the same time! Your engagement party is all about happiness and celebrating you and your partner. Try not to make it loud and overcrowded.


  • Preset a Simple Menu

Just as creating the perfect menu is essential at your physical engagement party, a virtual engagement party also requires a menu. Try to select a standard menu that will be easy to access and prepare.

The dessert section of your menu should also contain deserts that are simple and relatively easy to make. A preset menu is a great way to show uniformity and love at your virtual engagement party.


  • Mail Out Selected Decoration Kits to Your Guests

To make your engagement party unique and make it stand out from other virtual meetings, you can opt for straightforward decorations suitable at home. Once you find the perfect décor kit, ensure you mail out the decoration kit to your selected wedding guests.

When sent in time, your guests can adequately decorate the areas shown on the video call. Since it is a virtual wedding, you should opt for a simple décor that will be very easy to install.


  • Set an Organized Program For The Celebration

A detailed program and schedule for your engagement party are a must-have if you want a smooth and successful engagement party. After creating the list, make sure you mail a copy of the list to each of your guests.

Once they all have a copy, they will act according to the schedule or timeline agenda. A detailed program brings orderliness and class to your virtual engagement party.


  • Record The Entire Event

Making beautiful memories is one of the most critical aspects of your engagement party, and you should do all you can to preserve these beautiful memories. Ensure you record your entire virtual engagement party to enable you to watch the video whenever you feel like it.


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