These five suggestions will help you learn which wedding vendors are right for you.  It’s an extra length to take in order to see which wedding vendors are near you, before reaching out to them. This could be especially helpful if you have to decide between two vendors.  Remember this while reading the following paragraphs, the more research the better!

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Ben Belt Photography 
  • Stalk Their Social Media

Checking the social media of a wedding vendor you’re interested in is important. You’ll be able to get a sense of their style and really judge their work. They may try to conserve space on their website and upload fewer samples there. Those rules do not apply to their social media so you’ll get a chance to see the most, if not all their work there.


  • Check Out Their Awards

Lots of awards go to vendors that are in the top of their category and are reliable. Checking out if they have any awards can give you insight into just how good they are. It is; however, possible for a good wedding photographer to be without any awards so don’t rely on this option too much.


  • Real Weddings

Real weddings provide a chance for you to see your vendor fully in action. You’ll see your vendor’s best work displayed at a real wedding. If you can find a wedding with the same theme as yours or something close, it would be even better. It may not be compulsory, but it will help you make the right decisions.


  • Other Editorial Features

A Google search of your vendor’s name could lead you to something interesting. They may have been featured on someone’s blog or a personal social media post. You could also find news or articles about them. The information you get from that could turn out useful for your wedding planning.


  • Industry Organizations and Events

A wedding vendor’s professional network is important when it comes to their work. It means they keep up to date and are well connected. You can sometimes rely on this experience for savings. For example, when it’s a wedding planner.


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