At Forever Bridal we want your entire wedding process to be a happy experience.  It is the reason why we hold some of the biggest wedding shows and make sure that we bring the best vendors to you. You can find all that you need to make your wedding successful, including invaluable advice from experts, at our shows. In the meantime, you need to make sure that when it comes to your wedding day and wedding event, you do not forget any of the following.

Wedding cake centerpiece

Capital Cakes
  • Directions

Please show your guests how to get to where you are holding your reception. You do not want them to get lost trying to find you. Giving your guests directions or including the link for a map to your event on your wedding register is a great idea too.

  • Your Entrance

This is the first thing that your guests will see as they enter your event. Be sure to create a good impression by making sure your decorator puts up helpful designs.

  • Your Guest Book

Do more than provide a pen and a book for your guests to indicate that they came. Find ways to make them want to write and wish you well as they join you to celebrate.

Sheraton Raleigh Hotel - Wedding Sparkler Exit - North Carolina Wedding Venue


Sheraton Raleigh Hotel
  • The Lighting

Beautiful lighting can truly go a long way towards making your guests feel comfortable and loved. It can also help with the beautiful photographs that you need to take, so please go for appropriate lighting.

  • Your Cake Table

When it comes to your wedding reception, your cake table will be one of the focus points. Make sure it is beautifully designed, as it will be the center for your cake cutting photos, and lots of your guests will also want to take pictures with it.

  • A Cool Exit

You want your wedding to end on a high note so that the honeymoon afterward follows suit. Plan on a grand and  fun exit for you and your partner. You can either go big with a magnificent firework display or something smaller. Also, pay proper attention to your getaway vehicle.

When it comes to weddings, it’s planning, and more, you should check out our shows!  We have everything you’ll need for your wedding and experts around to give you advice on how to carry on. We are located at Midtown Place 3708 Benson Drive, Raleigh, NC 27609. You can give us a call on 919-873-1700.