One of the most important arrangements at any wedding is the bridal bouquet. But we don’t recommend you let your florist handle making it, no. Your input is absolutely necessary; better yet, you can make it yourself. So, here’s a checklist of how to make a wedding bouquet before meeting with your florist.


  • Get the Flowers you Love

You obviously want your wedding bouquet filled with beautiful flowers, right? Well, you have to do some research because there are varieties of lovely flowers out there and you might not always know the name of the ones you want.

We recommend you go flower-shopping with your tourist in tow or reach out to local farmers-either in person or online-to check flower varieties. Recently, a client of ours shared that she created a Pinterest board with the help of her friends to make the choice of flowers easier.


  • The Bouquet Shape

Which are you more fond of, the bouquet or the flowers? For us, it’s always the flowers! Either way and whichever of the two you choose, one will guide the shape of the other. Brides often prefer a cascading round bouquet; the type that compliments any flower choice and matches their white wedding gown.


  • Color Palette and Theme

Naturally, brides want every part of their wedding to align perfectly, which means you should look for a color that inspires your wedding bouquet. Need an example?

Alright, let’s say you are holding your wedding in the tropics, right? You might want to work birds or Monstera leaves into your creation. Or, if the event is in the countryside, consider wildflowers arrangement.


  • Shop Locally

Shopping locally will ensure that you have access to fresh flowers at good prices. Your florist will be able to guide you on what is available in the community and the flowers you can get in the current season, which will reduce the hassle of shipping from afar. Besides, shipping flowers is quite time-sensitive.


  • Be Mindful of Your Budget

Overspending is really easy when it comes to wedding bouquets, so you really need to watch your budget. The average couple spends about 3% of their budget on decors and wedding flowers. Conversely, we’ll tell you there’s nothing wrong with spending as much as you want on flowers; as long as you’re certain of what you want and comfortable with how much you spend to get it, that’s fine.


  • The Wrap is the Last

Contrary to popular belief, the wrap is as important as the flowers too. It’s the finishing touch, so not something to disregard. There are many options you can utilize: From single twine pieces to ribbon or fabrics of lace, etc. The simple fact is, you are split for choice when it comes to flower wraps, but they must be stunning enough to make you, the bride, glow on your grand day.

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