Chicken or beef?

Soup or salad?

There are many options to consider when deciding on the food you will serve your guests on your wedding day. First, you have to decide how many guests you will be expecting. This will help you narrow down the style of your meal — buffet, sit-down dinner, light or heavy hors d’oeuvres, etc. Then, you have to decide what food you will have. While it may seem overwhelming at this point, we’re here to help you narrow down your options and make your planning easier.

The quickest and easiest way to whittle down your options is to choose foods according to the season your wedding falls in. Each season has foods that suit it better than others. Picking a season-appropriate menu will help you serve your guests flavors that will delight and exceed their expectations.

Flavorful Wedding Food Your Taste buds Will Love!

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Light flavors and foods are very popular during the spring. It’s time to shake off the winter and embrace a lighter mood and a carefree spirit. During this season of new life and new beginnings, let your food follow this theme and incorporate fresh elements into your meal.

Chicken and seafood with herbs and light sauces make an excellent choice for any main dish. Including fresh salads, fruits and vegetables will make a perfect addition as a side or appetizer for your main course. Finish off the menu with some small, light desserts with fresh, spring-like flavors like lemon or berry.

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The year is in full swing and palettes have transitioned from the light, airiness of spring to the more robust flavors of summer. It’s time to enjoy the warm weather and throw a fun party. It’s no wonder summer is the most popular time of the year to get married. So what kind of foods should you serve during this season?

As barbecues and grilling are popular summer pastimes, incorporating grilled and smoked meats into your menu is a great choice to serve your guests. Even heartier seafood and shellfish are a great option. Additionally, refreshing and mild flavors will also complement your menu and balance out the heat of summer. These flavors can be added to your main and side dishes, or throughout your desserts.

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Vibrant leaves and cooler temperatures make a grand entrance, ushering in the return of bright colors and the all too familiar spices. As harvest is in full swing and the crisp, cool air brings a reprieve from the summer heat, this season breathes a unique energy into any celebration and menu.

Savory foods and root vegetables are staples of a fall menu. Main courses that include beef and pork are excellent choices. Flavorful spice and influences will take your main courses and sides to the next level. Risottos and squash dishes will bring fall alive to your guests. You also can’t go wrong with anything pumpkin or cinnamon flavored for dessert.

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The weather has turned cold, light is limited, and nature has settled in for its annual nap. It’s time to bring on everything cozy and warm. Draw guests into a warm atmosphere with food to match the season and the celebration of your special day.

Comfort foods are key when planning the menu for your winter wedding. Dishes that include heartier meats such as beef, lamb, pork, even heavier chicken entrees, are ideal winter foods to serve. Root vegetables continue to be popular during this time of year, and nicely complement any of the meats previously mentioned. Soups, cheeses, creams, and richer spices, fruits, and desserts are also excellent additions to the menu.

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