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Latest Wedding Tips And News

Cake Trends For Your 2021 Wedding

We agree with the fact that wedding cakes are an all-time major part of weddings.  While wedding cake trends switch with years and seasons, they are immovable!  Of course, being immovable does not mean there are no tweaks to be had, here and there.  Truth be told, there has been an excellent cake evolution from […]

Edible Art Bakery | Raleigh’s Premier Scratch-Made Dessert Café

A Raleigh Icon | Edible Art Bakery | Since 1982 Raleigh, NC Edible Art Bakery has been a part of the community for a long time with the same scratch-made pound cake that opened our doors in 1982. As the Triangle area’s oldest dessert bakery, we’ve had the opportunity to serve generations, and we love […]

Unique Ideas For Wedding Favors in 2021

Every aspect of your wedding deserves to be thought out carefully, including your wedding favors and how to gift them. Factors such as budget, who to give, the season, etc., can affect your wedding favors. For instance, you don’t want to give your guests items that have expiry dates.  However, considering various factors before deciding […]

4 Significant Tips on Getting the Best Videos From Your Wedding

No matter the venue you choose for your wedding, there’s no arguing that having wedding videos is essential. It would be best if you captured the incredible moments in motion so you can relive the memory for as long as you may like.  However, it is not enough to get these. The best wedding videos […]

The Right Videographer Can Give You a Wonderful Wedding

Your wedding is supposedly the best day of your life.  And no matter where you have it or what activities you’re adding to make it stand out, capturing the incredible moments at your wedding is a large and vital aspect you shouldn’t ignore.  f you’re looking to relive the memories of your big day, which […]

5 Ways To Use Different Centerpieces At Your Wedding

Centerpieces are almost an inevitable part of wedding decors. There’s hardly any wedding event you’ll walk into and not see centerpieces as a part of the tablescapes. With centerpieces, the options are endless, and it makes it somewhat a daunting task trying to make a choice. If you’re wondering where to begin, here’s the right […]

4 Unique Wedding Trends To Adopt

We love that couples are going modern, contrary to the traditional ways that you may associate with weddings. Brides now have different styles and colors for wedding gowns coupled with the idea of a reception gown. And we’re not saying that tradition isn’t fun, but going out of the line sometimes creates all the uniqueness […]

Why A Wedding Planner Is Necessary for Your 2021 Wedding

When it comes to weddings and planning them, wedding planners are handy; almost inevitable. With the exhausting amount of choices and decisions to make, we’re confident you’ll need someone who has tons of experience planning weddings to help. It may be a small or destination wedding, which might lead you to think you can handle […]

About The Box, Your Day, Your Way!

One of the most important days of a person’s life is their wedding day. Weddings mark the beginning of a new chapter in a person’s life. Every bride wants to look and feel their absolute best, so About the Box has developed a way to get wedding dresses delivered directly to our customer’s door! We […]

A Wedding Caterer: Why You Need One

Food is an essential part of any wedding. It’s only right that people who have come to celebrate such a significant step in your life get a decent treat for their taste buds.  You are probably a great chef, or you have a relative who makes excellent meals at Thanksgiving, but hiring a caterer for […]

FauxReal Flowers | The Pink Monster

“Your dream flowers are affordable!”  This philosophy is what co-owners Amber and Lisa built their business off of.  These two ladies started FauxReal Flowers together in 2020 and have been fine tuning it sense. Their favorite part of working in the wedding industry is seeing the relief and happiness on the couples faces, when not […]

Wedding Cake Trends For 2021

When we talk about weddings, trends come and go. Different vendors come up with different unique styles to make their works stand out.  We see florists doing wonders in wedding decors and venues going panoramic with their views. Bakers aren’t left behind in the invention of excellent and unique touches for weddings, as we see […]

4 Things To Consider Before Hiring A Florist for Your 2021 Wedding

Flowers are essential to the décor at weddings. There’s hardly ever a wedding without any sort of floral designs and arrangements. Sometimes choosing floral designs gets more complicated than actually knowing the different flowers, which is why you need a florist! There are some factors to consider before making a decision.  We’re glad to share […]

3 Essential Wedding Vendors for Your 2021 Wedding

There are various vendors you’ll need to secure for a fabulous wedding. That is a simple fact. The fun part about wedding vendors is that many of them will handle aspects you didn’t think would require vendors. For instance, there are stories about vendors who clean guests’ jewelry pieces at weddings; who would have thought? […]

4 Wedding Photography Mistakes To Avoid On/Before Your Wedding Day

Have you ever noticed why some wedding pictures turn out better than others? Even though the same wedding photographer took them?  Well the reason behind this difference, is not far-fetched.  Unfortunately, there are couples who make mistakes during or before their photo sessions.  These mistakes end up ruining the wedding photos.  Typically, these mistakes are […]

2021 Styled Shoot at Jiddi Downtown Raleigh

Every couple begins their event and wedding planning journey with inspiration; a vision of what your special occasion will look like.  Details and décor come together to create the overall feeling you want your guests to experience.  Things like the food, the cake, the flowers, even the space itself, all contribute to the theme and […]