Selecting the Best Dinner Option for your Wedding Day

Wedding day place setting

Deciding what kind of food to serve at your wedding can be hard. Determining if your hosting a buffet or sit down dinner can be even harder. There are so many contributing factors that a couple has to evaluate before making a decision, such as, availability, pricing, menu flexibility, reliable service, reputation, etc. We’ve listed the differences between these two dinner styles to help put your wedding day dinner woes aside.

plated dinner

Sit Down Dinner

This dinner style, also called plated, fortifies the traditional practice of a wedding. Each wedding guest is served individually. This typically includes appetizer, entree and dessert. All guests are served at the same time. This creates an equal and fair atmosphere. You can intersperse dances, speeches and toasts between the courses. This dinner format will keep guest focused and punctual. Plated dinners are known cutting down on the cost of food because the caterer will know exactly how much food needs to be ordered. Typically, less food goes to waste.

Hosting a sit-down dinner can embody decorum and reinforce your wedding’s theme. This can be done by selecting certain foods to be served or in the presentation of the dishes.

buffet style dinner

Buffet Dinner

A buffet style dinner can host a larger variety of foods which can please more guests, even the picky eaters. Buffet style dinners typically have a larger variety of foods to choose from versus the set plated meal. This dinner format can potentially cut down on catering costs in a different manner than the traditional sit down dinners. The caterer will not need as many servers as they would for a plated dinner.

There are many ways to incorporate creativity with a buffet style dinner. Creating integrated food stations could cause for a lighter, laid-back atmosphere. This service style can promote mingling and conversation between wedding guests while waiting.

cupcakes and small cake

Regardless of price, menu options, services, etc. Pick the dinner style that you and your significant other will enjoy! This is a very special day and worrying about what type of dinner style to host should be at the bottom of the list.