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Wedding Planning

Elite DJ Solutions: Award-Winning DJs at an Affordable Price

Did you know that one of the most significant memory makers and takeaways for wedding guests is after the reception, when the celebration for your guests to get involved starts? That means that you should do all you can to ensure the entertainment you provide for your reception is enjoyable, fun, and fits within your […]

Wondering how to create the perfect honeymoon?

Congratulations, you’re getting married! What better way to celebrate this momentous occasion than take a romantic honeymoon? However, before you start planning your dream getaway, there are a few things you need to consider. Wedding planning can be stressful enough, even though the result is intended to be relaxing and fun. This blog post will […]

How to Create a Wedding Photography Timeline

The excitement and joy of your wedding day lives on forever in your wedding photos. This is why planning what photos you want taken before your big day is such an important part of the wedding planning process. Having a wedding photography timeline is a great way to ensure every special moment is captured while […]

How to pick a wedding vendor, and what to ask them

Are you wondering how to pick a wedding vendor that understands exactly what you want and is just as dedicated to your day as you are. With so many to choose from, it is important to find out as much as you can about each vendor so that you can feel confident in your decision. […]

How to find the perfect wedding theme

There are many steps to wedding planning – choosing your vendors, the venue, and the dress, to name a few. However, before doing any of that, you need to decide on your overall wedding theme. It is important that everything feels cohesive and accurately reflects you and your partner’s personal style.  With so many ideas […]

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Wedding

At Forever & Co., our goal is to provide you with the resources to develop a seamless plan for the wedding of your dreams. To ensure that your big day goes according to plan, read on for advice on avoiding common wedding mistakes from some of our great vendors. 1. You don’t have a wet […]

With COVID mandates changing, how do I plan a large wedding this year?

If you’re planning a large wedding this year, then you’re definitely going to want to keep reading. Over the last few years, couples have adjusted the ways they choose to say their special “I Dos” amidst the pandemic. From outdoor gatherings, to food servers, and even celebrating your special day again, we’re obsessed with the […]

Prepare for the Fall Wedding Boom

Following the initial excitement and celebration of getting engaged comes the stress of wedding planning. As you become better acquainted with the wedding planning stages, you will quickly realize how much preparation is actually involved. You will have to make high-stakes decisions on everything from the date and location down to color, theme and centerpiece […]

Our favorite NC wedding planners

Wedding planning can seem daunting with what seems to be a never-ending amount of choices and decision to make before your big day. However, one of the easiest ways to ensure your day is flawless and stress free is to work with a professional. Here are five of our favorite NC wedding planners or designers […]

Emerald Isle Realty will make your seaside wedding unforgettable

If you’re planning a destination wedding, the beautiful, romantic beaches of Emerald Isle provide a serene setting for your big day. A Seaside Wedding & Events has planned hundreds of destination weddings at Emerald Isle and is sure to make your dreams a reality.   The wedding division of Emerald Isle Realty, A Seaside Wedding & […]

Visions: Food, Flowers and Finishes

From picking the perfect dress, to crafting the guest list, to even deciding on the right napkins and tablecloths, working out every detail of a wedding can be overwhelming. With more than two decades of experience in the wedding catering and the greater industry, Visions simplifies the process as a go-to, full-service special events company. […]

How To Plan A Successful Eco-Friendly Wedding

Like other events or celebrations, you’ll find flowers, paper, leftover foods, etc., at weddings. So what do you do with all these? Make good use of them, of course!  A green wedding is nothing new, and we highly recommend you go for it. You’ll be helping people and the planet in general. That’s a good […]

Is a Wedding Planner Necessary for Your Summer Wedding?

Getting the right wedding planner for your wedding is the first step to having a perfect wedding. Because if you’re willing to use a wedding planner, then it has to be the first of all your wedding decisions.  A wedding planner is going to help you with all things that concern your day. So there’s […]

4 Things You Should Know When Selecting Your Wedding Menu in 2021

Choosing from your wedding menu is often more than picking a list of your favorite meals and beverages and handing them over to your wedding caterer. When it comes to selecting the menu, there are important factors you’d need to consider. For example, you must be aware of allergies and if any vegans will be […]