Did you know that the face of wedding planning is changing? That’s right. Social media has quickly made itself an important part of what couples choose to incorporate into their wedding. Couples want to share their excitement with their family and friends along the way, as well as remember their day as seen from their guests’ perspective. It’s also a great addition to a wedding website.

To get started, all you need to do is make the perfect wedding hashtag! Here’s some tips to create one that is catchy and really grabs your guests!

  • Let the creativity flow! Play around with name combinations, puns, alliteration, etc. As long as your hashtag isn’t taken by another couple—which you will discover after doing some test searches—then make it what you want it to be. You can even throw in some wedding-related words as well. Also, other than dates, stay away from numbers and symbols. Keep in mind that you want it to be something you can easily get your friends, family, and bridal party to use and share.
  • Readability is always good. Capitalize the first letter of each word you use and make sure your hashtag is easy on the eyes. This will increase its likelihood of getting shared, which means you will also get more interaction among your guests. And don’t forget, check your hashtag’s spelling before you make it live.
  • And away you go! Now that you’re well on you way to finishing you hashtag masterpiece, don’t forget to put it on your save the dates, wedding invitations, and/or wedding website. Share it with your bridal party and have them share it as well!