Demetris Faison draws on his background in theater and visual arts when designing events. While no longer simply setting up and event planning for local churches, he hasn’t lost touch with his early roots. Instead, these skills are exactly what allow him to bring a glamorous panache to any event.

Creative Touch Events, Faison’s company, is built around a guiding principle: “We create what others dream.”

If you can imagine it, they can make it happen—all while exceeding expectations.

As such, you will find Creative Touch working with more than just traditional designs. Rather, they combine out-of-the-box concepts and unique elements to create an artistic, unforgettable experience.

The Event Planning Framework

When event planning, Creative Touch’s approach keeps the planning process simple to maximize the execution of their designs.

“We keep it straight to the point, ” Faison says. “Set the budget, determine the style, build your team, [and] run the show!”

Even though they may take a direct approach, it never comes at the cost of personal interaction or loss of details.

“We like to get to know the clients and connect with their personal style to really understand who we are working for,” Faison says. “This process is often accomplished by face-to-face meetings, emails, design meetings, site visits and the presentation of sketches and inspiration boards.”

Averaging around 75 weddings a year—including international weddings— Creative Touch delivers excellence in all they do.  Faison and his team take the time to listen to their clients, discuss details and collaborate on a vision for their special day.

Once a concept has been sketched out and decided upon, then begins the process of realizing the client’s dreams.


Fleshing it Out

Faison encourages couples to dream big when planning their special day.

“Have [an] open mind to understand [that] your wedding has no limits to traditions,” Faison says. “Your wedding day will be the talk of your guests for quite a while.” 

Creative Touch’s expertise as a florist will also bring added beauty to any special occasion with stunning floral designs.

“Floral and event design is our first love and we want to share that creativity with everyone,” Faison says.

With this mindset, Creative Touch creates an elegant and lavish backdrop that sets the scene for any event. Striking centerpieces, colorful lighting and attention to detail bring to life their clients’ visions.

Additionally, as a large-scale, full service event planning and design company, Creative Touch ensures each phase of the process is equipped to produce a spectacular finished product every time. They will even include and work with event planners on their team.


The Final Product

“Drama and nothing less!” Faison declares.

“Specialty lighting, unique chairs and custom floors are very important elements to making any room breathtaking,” he adds. “We often work from the floor to the ceiling, if the budget allows, to really bring depth to your design.”

After all the time spent planning, it’s finally time to realize the dreams that have been carefully conceptualized and developed. Various elements are built up to create a beautiful and magnificent ambiance that fits the couple’s personality.

Sweeping elegance draws guests in and fans the flame of excitement and celebration. Creative Touch delights clients and guests alike with their designs.

Faison and his team are proud to produce exquisite events that will etch themselves in the memories of the couple and their guests for a long time.

“[The most rewarding part is] to be trusted to produce an experience that [will] kick off the amazing covenant that will join [the couple] together for a lifetime,” Faison says.