Every bride deserves to enjoy the wedding of her dreams, and sometimes this means taking complete control of the process. DIY weddings allow you to add personal touches to the event and let your personality shine. This process can be extensive, so it’s important to book the venue early to guide the rest of the decision-making process. 

Chandelier is an event venue located in Cary, with a team that is ready to bring your vision to life in their enchanting wedding and reception space. The bride and groom also worked with Forever & Company and Azul Photography for the perfect day.

Constructing a DIY wedding

A circular golden centerpiece in the middle of a table.

One of the many centerpieces made by the Reids for their wedding reception. Photos by Azul Photography.

On February 7, Chandelier hosted the wedding reception of Dylan and Rachel Reid, who constructed a total DIY experience for their guests. Conveying a dark, moody and opulent aura, the decor consisted of all handmade elements from the Reids. 

“They loved to do arts and crafts together as a couple,” said Natasha Ford, co-owner of Chandelier. “The bond created through that experience through making that stuff was really beautiful.” 

In order to make the most of the space, it was important that the Reids established a strong relationship with their wedding planner and worked out a detailed schedule and budget. The only rules they had to abide by was no tape, tacks or nails on the wall. The rest was open to exploration.

“You can come in and do whatever you want,” Ford said. “We want you to be a visionary and make it yours for the day.”  

Bringing the vision to life

A decoration hanging from the ceiling.

A handcrafted piece of hanging decor used by the Reids for their reception. Photos by Azul Photography.

When the big day finally arrived, the Reids had constructed handmade centerpieces and hanging decor inspired by falling leaves. These pieces were crafted to fit Chandelier’s comfortable but sophisticated space.

“You can imagine so much at Chandelier, because you have so much already given to you,” Ford said.

Chandelier provided the space, catering through their sister company Ford’s Fluent N’Food and services requested by the couple, but allowed the Reids to take the reins with how they used it. This meant all of the decor and handmade elements were set up by friends of the couple while they prepped for the big day. For the Chandelier team, this hard work coupled with the beauty of the final space made it an unforgettable event.

DIY weddings are for everyone 

A newly-wed couple eats dinner at the Chandelier wedding venue.

The Reid’s celebrate their wedding reception at the Chandelier Wedding Venue in Cary, NC. Photos by Azul Photography.

Chandelier is a venue fit for any type of ceremony and any couple. Natasha, John and the rest of the team want their couples to “shine bright like diamonds,” and look forward to joining clients on their journey to their perfect wedding day. 

If this venue sounds like a fit for your wedding, DIY or not, connect with Chandelier to request pricing and book a tour of the venue today.