A display on a table with a pine cone and pumpkin.

An arrangement made by Laurer, featuring three of Scentsy’s Fragrance Flowers.

For couples planning a wedding, the process can be exciting—but also exhausting. With so many details to coordinate and keep track of, many small touches fly under the radar and can end up being forgotten.

One of these often-missed elements is fragrance.

Scent is incredibly powerful. A specific smell has the ability to trigger a strong emotional response and bring you back to a specific point in time. While it may seem insignificant, designating a scent for your wedding can help to further preserve the memories and make your big day even more special.

Scentsy, a home and personal fragrance company based in Idaho, offers wickless candle systems, diffusers, oils and other scented products to help complete the feel of your space. Michele Laurer, an independent Scentsy director located in the Triangle, is committed to bringing value to the world in everything she does, and is ready to make your big day, or the process leading up to it, special with her products.

 A pink faux flower that is lit up.

A pink Scentsy Fragrance Flower that could be a spring wedding centerpiece.

Scentsy Products 

Scentsy offers a variety of fragrance systems and scents. The product that started it all is the wax warmer. Differing from a traditional candle with a wick, this system heats bars of scentsy wax and melts them down without the danger of catching anything on fire. The wax warmers come in a variety of different styles and work with any type of decor.

Along with wax warmers, Scentsy offers multiple types of diffusers, oils and scent pods. The diffusers come in a range of sizes to accommodate any space and are long-lasting, so you won’t have to worry about running out of your desired scent on your big day.

Scentsy has seven fragrance families: bakery, citrus, floral, fresh, fruity, spice and woods. No matter your preference, there is a scentsy product fit for you and your special day. Scentsy products are also great for bridesmaid gifts, wedding favors and bridal party events.

Use Scentsy in your Wedding

An illuminated metal pumpkin.

A fall-themed Scentsy Wax Warmer — perfect for an autumn wedding.

Scentsy is perfect for weddings in any season. Having a winter wedding? Explore Scentsy’s spice fragrance family and elevate the event space with the smell of Apple & Cinnamon Sticks. Not getting married until April? Scentsy’s floral fragrance family may be a better fit for you and your wedding.

Scentsy wax warmers and room sprays are great ways to bring scent into a space on your wedding day. However, it also makes fragrant decor, like the Belle Fragrance Flower, that can be used as aromatic centerpieces at your reception and given to guests at the end of the day to help bring back happy memories of your ceremony.

Before committing to a scent, it’s important to explore everything Scentsy has to offer and decide which products work best for you. Laurer strives to help you unlock memories, enliven your senses and inspire your soul through her products. Explore her Facebook to find the perfect fragrance for you.

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