If you’re reading this, then either you probably started worrying about writing your maid of honor/best man speech 30 seconds after you were asked to be in the bridal party, your stumped on where to start, or the wedding is in less than an hour!

Whichever category you fall into, we want to help both the maid of honor and best man ace the speech for that special day. Here are some helpful tip to make it an easy process.

  • Everyone loves a good anecdote. You know those memories that the two of you have? Include one of them that encapsulates what you are trying to say. Anecdotes also create a great point of connection. They will not only help the audience relate, but it will transport them to the moment in time you’ve chosen to share with everyone.
  • Give yourself plenty of time. Consider yourself in planning mode as soon as you’ve been asked to be in the wedding. Don’t wait until the week of or night before to write that speech. You will go through several drafts, and you don’t want to be rushed when you’re looking for just the right words to express your thoughts to the happy couple.
  • Nice to meet you! Make sure to introduce yourself. The happy couple is going to have a lot of friends and family present who you’re not going to know and who are not going to know you. This also will connect you to your audience and get the speech started off on a high note.
  • Talk about the bride/groom. Are you the best man? Then talk about the bride. Are you the maid of honor? Then talk about the groom. Your friend/sibling/cousin has just made a commitment to  a person who is very significant to him/her, so make sure you show that they are also special to you as a result.

Bride reacts to wedding toast

Image by Amber Foster Smith Photography, North Carolina.

  • Congratulations and Best Wishes! As you wind down, wish the happy couple all the best in their new life together. This is their special day after all, so make sure to celebrate with them.
  • Finish strong. End on a high note. Whether you choose to go the sentimental, comic, or heartwarming route, make sure you leave everyone with a good feeling and some closure to what you’ve just shared.


So there you have it! Now you are equipped with the tools to make your speech the best maid of honor/best man speech at the wedding!