A barn wedding venue provides a rustic, yet elegant backdrop for any wedding. Their charming atmosphere, unique architecture and breathtaking landscapes make them a popular choice for couples looking for an intimate, romantic wedding venue.

Located in Statesville, N.C., Kinsleeshop Farm is a beautiful 1930s-themed barn wedding venue that has masterfully preserved 100-year-old architecture and a quaint, peaceful atmosphere. 

The Property

A wide view of Kinsleeshop Farm’s property.

Kinsleeshop Farm has 50 beautiful acres of rolling hills.

The picturesque property has 50 acres of rolling hills, fully stocked ponds, wooded trails, a farm house and three beautifully restored, air-conditioned barns. At night, hundreds of lights illuminate the property creating a romantic ambiance.

This venue is about an hour from airports in both Charlotte and Greensboro and within 10 minutes of several hotels, which makes it perfect for couples and guests who have to travel.

The Barns

Kinsleeshop Farm’s Wedding Barn

The Wedding Barn

The Wedding Barn is the focal point of the property. With stunning, 150-year-old stained-glass windows, this barn is an ideal place for a wedding ceremony. The barn’s outdoor patio with a fireplace and fire pit lets guests enjoy sweeping views of the property even on chilly nights.

The Vintage Barn

The 100-year-old Vintage Barn.

The Vintage Barn is 100 years old and functions as a museum and gazebo. With beautifully restored architecture and a cute chicken coop, this barn is one of the best places on the property to take wedding photos.


The Bro Barn

Kinsleeshop Farm’s newest edition, the Bro Barn.

Kinsleeshop Farm’s newest barn, the Bro Barn, is made specifically for the groom and groomsmen and is place for the guys to enjoy themselves and get ready for the wedding. The Bro Barn has six large screen TVs, a full wet bar, a pool table, poker tables, a jukebox and more. Its patio sits 27 feet in the air, displaying gorgeous views of the farm.

The Farm House

The Farm House

The couple can stay in the Farm House during their time at Kinsleeshop Farm.

The Farm House is a fully-renovated three bedroom, two bath 1930s bungalow where the couple is welcome to stay for two nights. It has hardwood floors throughout, marble tile front and backs porches, a full kitchen and a beautiful master bathroom. It is the perfect place to rest during your stay at Kinsleeshop Farm.

What’s Included

When you book Kinsleeshop Farm, you get everything the venue has to offer. You get access to all three barns, the farmhouse and the entire outdoor property. The property also has commercial kitchens, a full-service bar, a built-in stereo system, high-speed internet and on-site parking. 

 Kinsleeshop Farm gives couples the flexibility to create their perfect day. You have the freedom to choose your own wedding planner, caterers, photographers, DJs, and more. The only limit is your imagination.

You can only book Kinsleeshop Farm by the weekend from noon on Friday to noon on Sunday.  The venue has a capacity of 150 guests. 

Booking Kinsleeshop Farm

You can get in touch with Kinsleeshop Farm and set up a tour of the property through the website. If you want to learn more about this barn wedding venue and take a closer look at the property, follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.