How To Use Projection Mapping for Your Wedding

New technology that creates a unique experience for you and your guests.

What is Projection Mapping?

Let’s begin with the basics, Projection Mapping is a new trend in the wedding industry. It uses high-resolution imagery and video and projects onto any type of surface. We mean anything, walls, ceilings, cakes, virtually anything you can think of. Couples have a new way to express their unique style through awe-inspiring visuals at the push of a button. Looking for something bold? This is for you!

How can this feature enhance your wedding?

This tech-friendly trend gives the ultimate experience by sending guests on a journey to any city or landscape in the world. It can completely transform your venue utilizing any surface. Unlike traditional decor, projection mapping has the ability to easily alter in seconds. In other words, you can set the exact mood you want throughout the night. Incorporating this experience into your big day will leave your guests with amazing memories for years to come!

How much will this cost?

Pricing will depend on the amount of square footage your venue has and the capabilities of the room itself. Projection mapping essentially means that a complex array of software programs and media servers are used to control the pixels of a projector to match the object you want to project on. Is your head spinning yet? Our advice, leave this to the professionals! They will map out your venue with projectors and can help with quality content, i.e. high-quality video loops that are required. The average cost of a one-minute 3D video starts at about $10,000. We know what you’re probably thinking (OMG!!!) but if you are able to work this into your wedding budget, we say go for it!

To sum it all up, projection mapping is truly a WOW factor. With these special effects, you can create decorations or memorable instances.¬† Yes, it will cost you a pretty penny, but there’s no denying the results are jaw-dropping. How do you feel? Would you incorporate this new trend for your big day?


Photo by: John Labbe Photography