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Bridesmaid Gifts and Where to Buy Them

  Need some help with bridesmaid gift ideas? We’ve asked former bridesmaids about their favorites, plus found out where you can buy them for your bridal party! It’s tradition for a bride to give a gift of appreciation to her bridesmaids on or prior to the wedding day.  From mementos of the occasion to items […]

The Unique History Behind Bridal Showers

You’ve played the games, ate the food, and even read the cards passed around and exclaimed over the unwrapped gifts Bridal showers are fun ways to celebrate a couple and their love for each other. It’s also a great opportunity to spoil the bride-to-be and help her out as she starts a new phase of […]

How to host a bridal shower

   Tips for success! Celebrating a couple and the love they’ve found for each other starts long before the wedding day. Whether or not a couple choose to have an engagement party, there is usually always a bridal shower. Sometimes more than one. If you’re a really close friend, and especially if you’re in the wedding […]