Forever Bridal recently threw a party to commemorate it’s 20th anniversary and share it with out guests. As we celebrated our growth and those who have made it possible, Dominick was having so much fun dancing and mingling, that he never gave the speech he had planned on giving. What was he going to share? Read on.

Dominick DiGirolamo at 20 Anniversary Party – Veritas Photography

“Forever Bridal’s first show was August 20, 1995 at the Hilton North Raleigh Midtown. We had only 26 vendors and 169 newly engaged couples in attendance. While it went really well and was an obvious success, the show didn’t come without some hiccups. The night prior to our show, the Hilton had hosted a sit down dinner for 200+ and when I arrived the next day, it still hadn’t been cleaned up. I literally started cleaning the tables myself and moved their stuff out of my way. The pipe and drapes hadn’t even been set up by the time the vendors started arriving but I wasn’t going to let a few bumps get in the way of producing a successful show. With the assistance and support of my incredible wife Laura, we had a wonderful first show and well…it all started there. After a few more years we really got a hang of the whole bridal show thing and joined Bridal Show Producers International (BSPI) and they have proven to be a very valuable resource and support group. My wife, Laura, will be taking over as the Director of BSPI in 2016 and I am more proud of her than she knows. We have had some amazing girls on our Forever Bridal staff throughout the years and each one of them brings a unique perspective to the group. I am really lucky to be surrounded by so many smart and beautiful women. The people I need to thank the most is my family; my kids, Matteo, Jackie, Anthony and Dominick have been working at our shows since they could talk, walk and do manual labor and all our family throughout North Carolina and New Jersey have believed in our dream even when others thought we were crazy. Thank you to all of you who supported us throughout the years. Whether you have been with us since day one or joined us throughout the years, we couldn’t have made it to today without you. We look forward to having you grow with us and see what the next 20 years holds for Forever Bridal.”