Yes, as funny as that sounds there is a favorite amongst couples when it comes to a proposal date. In fact, one study has shown that 40 percent of engagements occur between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s day.

There are many factors that could be the reason for this period being popular as a proposal time. It could be that the festive period gives courage or the celebration makes it easier. This article isn’t about that.

If you were wondering when most people get engaged then this article gives you some answers. Here are the top 10 days to get engaged.

  • Christmas Day

December 25th is a popular time for people to pop the question. Most couples spend the period with their families so it is often easier to gather everyone for a celebration after. It’s a great extra Christmas gift too.


  • Christmas Eve

The reason for this one is probably about the same as the one above. Spending time with the family provides the best opportunity. A proposal can make the celebration even more special.


  • New Year’s Day

As the countdown to the new year ends and you share your first kiss, going down on one knee with a ring can only make that moment better. A new year engagement? Sign us up for this one!


  • The Sunday Before Christmas Eve

It provides a great opportunity to start the Christmas period with good cheer. It is usually at this time that the holiday has begun for most people.


  • Valentine’s Day

The very day of love itself, it is no surprise that many couples pick this one. A ring and proposal after exchanging valentine gifts is the perfect way to cap off this day.


  • New Year’s Eve

There are often so many parties to attend on New Year’s Eve. So, it’s not at all surprising that this is one of the days that you can propose. Already surrounded by the festive spirit, it is that much easier to pop the question.


  • Two Saturdays Before Christmas

You don’t have to wait until it’s holiday to go on one knee. Two Saturdays before Christmas is usually when people shop for the upcoming season. Give your partner an early present by popping the question at this time.


  • The Saturday Before Christmas

This Saturday is usually when people start their official break from work. Before you jet off to see your families or on vacation, how about getting on one knee and letting your partner know how much you care?


  • Two Sundays Before Christmas

There are so many dates in December but we already gave you a heads up at the start. The holiday cheer is certainly to blame for this.

  • Independence Day

This is the only holiday that doesn’t fall into the thanksgiving and valentine’s day frame. Despite that, it’s easy to see why this date is popular for proposals. There’s usually a holiday given from the office and people travel. Another plus is that its summer too. If you decide to pop the question while the fireworks are going off you can do it with flair.


Did you guess any of the Top 10 Days to Get Engaged?  If you were lucky enough to get engaged on one of these days, you are certainly not alone.  If you are engaged now, we would love to help you along this journey.  it is our joy at Forever Bridal to assist you with access to our experts and vendors that will make your wedding a success.

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