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Getting the most out of the virtual wedding show of any kind is all about preparation and a lot of participation.  Make sure you sign up for all the educational opportunities that interest you and check out the amazing virtual wedding fashion show. Join the online pages and groups, where you can continue to gather information even after the show is over. These groups are only available to attendees and vendors from this specific virtual wedding show.  Organizers will use it as a place to post notifications for before and during the show. During the show, prizes or discounts may be offered in the group. (really just join the group, it’s awesome and you could get some cool stuff).

Engaging with the vendors is a very important aspect of any wedding show.  You can do this by asking questions, gather information, or schedule a time to meet one on one. (We have a few Printables on our site that would be useful to keep things in order). Most of your wedding vendors are people you will be spending a lot of time with during your planning and on your big day, make sure you like them, and not just what they have to offer!  Decide beforehand who you would like to meet and talk to. Discuss it with your partner, remember, you are a team now. Knowing a few key points about your event will be so helpful when talking to wedding pros. Have a date picked out, if you have a venue or anything else planned, make sure you have that information with you when you talk to these vendors. Work together and conquer that wedding show!


virtual wedding show interactive wedding zones

Interactive wedding zones

These are held in the Lobby area of the platform and they are LIVE. (don’t be too hard on the vendors we can all get a little nervous when using new technology). These are educational opportunities, and are about 15-20 minutes each.


virtual wedding show networking

The networking lounge

Go ahead and give it a go!  It is similar to a a large virtual cocktail hour, everyone mingling and getting to know each other.  You may see people you know while possibly making some new friends. The Wedding Pro’s and the Forever Bridal Team will be around to keep the chat going!


virtual wedding show connections

Getting logged in and staying connected

Make sure you are in a place where you are comfortable and have a really good internet connection. You will need to use Chrome or Firefox to get access to the platform. If you don’t have either, download them now.  Please try to get all the kinks worked out ahead of time.  We ask that you do not use a mobile device.


virtual wedding show vendors

Chatting to vendors

You have the option to text or video chat with vendors, the choice is yours.


virtual wedding show fun

Make sure to have some fun!

Grab your tasting box and your coffee (or mimosa) and enjoy the experience. You may not be able to meet everyone, but you also don’t have to walk around the wedding show all day, so prop your feet up and plan from home. LIKE A BOSS!