When we talk about weddings, trends come and go. Different vendors come up with different unique styles to make their works stand out.  We see florists doing wonders in wedding decors and venues going panoramic with their views. Bakers aren’t left behind in the invention of excellent and unique touches for weddings, as we see different stunning cake designs taking the center stages at weddings.  To let you in on some of these cake designs, we’re sharing below a few of the fantastic wedding cake trends for 2021!


Skinnier-Tiered Cakes

Usually perfect for small weddings, skinnier-tiered cakes are classic and elegant. Of course, it gets skinnier with every tier, and you can have them in any color of your choice!

They’re also great with minimal designs and colors. You don’t need to use multiple colors; the traditional white color is perfect for this cake design; you may add some bold floral art by the side.

One Tiered Cake

With 2020 and the COVID-19 experience, we saw many small weddings and elopements, which gave room for the beautiful innovation of one-tiered cake.

Not only is this a design for a small number of guests, but it also accepts a little decoration in the form of floral icings and other fun ideas. Also, your favorite colors will suit this design!

Contemporary Art Pieces

More couples are looking the other way and embracing unique shapes in tiered cakes instead of the conventional round tiers. The fantastic thing about contemporary art piece cakes is using different forms for different tiers and still coming out with a beautiful piece!

It’s incredible! Of course, your favorite colors are welcome. Whether it’s a cake vendor or any other exceptional wedding vendor service you’re searching for, you have come to the end of the search!

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