At Forever & Co., our goal is to provide you with the resources to develop a seamless plan for the wedding of your dreams. To ensure that your big day goes according to plan, read on for advice on avoiding common wedding mistakes from some of our great vendors.

1. You don’t have a wet weather plan 

One of the best parts of North Carolina is its versatility: from the Blue Ridge Parkway to the Coastline, our beautiful state has something for everyone. With its wide variety of offerings that make it the perfect state for a wedding, however, comes the unpredictable North Carolina weather. 

No one wants to even consider the chance of inclement weather on their wedding day, but putting preventative steps into place is one of the top ways that you can ensure that your big day goes off without a hitch. 

“Working at the coast of North Carolina, a ‘Plan B’ and maybe ‘Plan C’ and ‘Plan D’ is one of the things that my clients and I always take as a top priority in the wedding planning process,” says Krystal Duncan of A Seaside Wedding and Events.

“I can’t tell you how many couples are so thankful that they didn’t have any extra stress on their wedding day, should it rain, because they were confident in our abilities to make a seamless transition.”

Not only is a backup plan important for your peace of mind, ensuring that each of your vendors is able to easily transition in case of unexpected changes will help your day move as smoothly as possible. 

Couple Walking Along the ShoreSeaside Wedding

Photos Courtesy of A Seaside Wedding and Events

2. You start planning without a clear budget

When many engaged couples begin planning their wedding, they are often not familiar with industry price points.Lakeside Wedding

“It’s best to educate yourself on different vendors and the services they offer,” says Bria James of Dream Weddings & Events

Lacking a clear-cut budget and not setting payment deadlines throughout the course of the planning process can also get in the way of your ultimate vision. Setting deadlines for different parts of your budget, such as vendor payments and bridesmaids’ dresses, can help keep your spending on track.

Colorful Floral Arrangement

3. You wait until the last minute to handle the small things

The most important part of your wedding day is you. To ensure that you and your bridal party arrive at the ceremony on time, it’s important to have a plan in place for even the small parts of your day. 

Small but important details, such as your wedding nails, will look the same if you get them done two or three days before your big day. Another way to avoid being late is to have your hair and makeup artists come to your venue to cut down your travel time. 

To make sure that your bridal party has everything that they need, it’s important to have everyone try on their dresses before the big event with enough time to make slight alterations if necessary. 

Ready to make sure your big day goes according to plan? 

With years of planning experience and an abundance of top-notch vendors, we’re all ready to help you bring your dreams to life.