FauxReal Flowers will have your wedding guests saying “Are those flowers for real?” That’s because even though these flowers are faux, they look like the real deal! Co-owners Lisa and Amber saw the need for affordable wedding flowers and launched FauxReal Flowers. Their Raleigh-based business offers rent-and-return, real touch, custom faux flower arrangements for all occasions. Are you struggling with the cost of flowers for your wedding?
Don’t stress!  FauxReal has the solution and you’ll appreciate the savings is around 50% of a traditional florist cost.

Flowers Year-Round

FauxReal carries ALL flower types year-round.  If you thought there’s no chance of getting peonies out of season – think again! Unlike traditional florists who base their price on the flower type, FauxReal bases their price on the size of the arrangement. Save money (or double your flowers!) by ordering your flowers from FauxReal!


  • Affordable
  • Custom Floral Arrangements
  • Flower preservation
  • wedding bouquets
  • wedding boutonniere