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5 Must-See Alternative Engagement Ring Styles

Searching for a ring with that extra wow factor? Liven up your left hand with one of these five alternative engagement ring styles! They say a diamond is forever, which is why it’s pretty synonymous with the word, “engagement.” Although a diamond ring may be the most common, there are alternative engagement ring styles that […]

Ultimate Engagement Ring Guide: What to Know Before You Shop

Starting to shop for your engagement ring? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve created the ultimate guide to help you select your ideal engagement ring style. Of all the possessions you’ll own throughout a lifetime, none will hold as much significance as your engagement ring. It symbolizes the moment you solidify the bond with […]

Anatomy of a Diamond 101

    They’re what we think about when we think of weddings and love. After all, when a guy “pops the question,” a diamond ring is what he has in hand. There’s also that part of the wedding ceremony where rings are exchanged to signify the couple’s love for each other. While this association may […]